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June 27, 2010

Tomales Bay - My favorite beach area!

The other day we attended such a fun birthday party for our little friend, Eva's 2 year birthday.
The party was held at the family's beach house in Tomales Bay State Park that has been in their family for years. 

This is a photo of Tomales Bay, just as I was cresting the hill before the drive down to the beach.  Thankfully I was following Eva's Dad, John out to the beach house because I don't think I would have found it on my own.  We drove down a dirt road, through the dairy ranch (that is leased by one of their cousins) and then took a right at another dirt road, through a gate and down a few miles to the beach.

There are many beaches that are open to the public on Tomales Bay.  But it sure is nice when we have one all to ourselves!  The fog had already moved in from the Pacific Ocean over the hill.  One of the things I LOVE about Tomales Bay, is that it's protected from the wind.  It was foggy but it didn't feel cold.

I love this rock formation that sits at the base of the adjacent hill and was fortunate enough to snap a photo of it before the tide rolled in.

Our friends, the Taylors, were telling me that at one time this formation used sit atop of the adjacent hill many years ago and that they have an old painting of it when it was in it's original location.  How cool is that?!
I can't wait to check out that painting the next time I'm at their house.

Here's the beach house with a great back deck looking out on the bay.  This beach has a TON of clam and mussel shells for the kids to collect.  They had SO much fun.

The other thing I LOVE about the beaches on Tomales Bay is how shallow the water is with no waves to contend with. 

Bryce and Paige each experienced their very first Kayak rides.  Bryce was chomping at the bit to have his turn.

He was so happy Camilla gave him the next ride.

Paige was loving it also.

Mr. Gopher made an appearance at the party as well.  Didn't know gophers lived at the beach!

No B-day party is complete without cupcakes.  YUM! 

Here is a map of the area.  The circled area is where we were on this particular day.  On any given 100 degree day, we always head out to one of the beaches on Tomales Bay.  We only live 25 minutes from this beach area and the temperature change is normally 20 degrees cooler at the beach during the hot inland days.  It's great to find some natural air conditioning so close by.

Happy Sunday!
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Anonymous said...

A nice view of "home." Thanks Nancy!

Dana Gustafson said...

After suffering through the heat yesterday, the beach sounds like a good time today! Thanks for the reminder :)

Sofia's Ideas said...

I love the pictures, it looks simply lovely!