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June 13, 2010

Novato Art and Wine Festival

Every year in June, Novato puts on it's Art and Wine Festival.  Yesterday morning I was able to get away for a couple of hours to go check it out.

There were many wine booths set up for a variety of wine tasting.

Lots of fair food to choose from as well.

You can choose to be healthy with your choice of lunch or not.  Something for every taste palate.

Rotisserie Chicken & BBQ.

There are two entertainment stages set up.  One on either end of the festival .  Different bands play all day long on both Saturday and Sunday.  So you can kick back, have some wine and food and enjoy the music.

Stage two.

It's always fun to check out all the arts and crafts for sale.  I thought these leather bracelets and coin purses were so colorful. 

Hummingbird feeders.  Yes, they are made out of empty booze bottles.

Lots of jewelry booths.

Food to sample and purchase.

Cd's to purchase as well.

This is what I came home with.  It's purpose I will share with you in a future post.

Happy Sunday!

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Unknown said...

Hi Nancy, looks like fun, we missed it this year! Nice photos!

Dana Gustafson said...

What a perfect day to festival! Looks like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Those hummingbird feeders are sure to give the little hummingbirds a super buzz! I noticed a search button for "how to cook anything". We're really trying to eat healthier so I have to check it out!

Loved your comment, by the way. Too funny!

Vodka Logic said...

Wow looks like a lot of fun.. I love those kinds of festivals.

Wouldn't do my diet any good though.