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June 18, 2010

Brand New Calf

We never know what we might find on any given day, going to work with Dominic.  This morning, as we were feeding the Dry Cows (cows that are not milking at the moment) I happened to look over and spotted a Mama cow with some afterbirth discharging........ which can only mean there's a baby somewhere close by.  This type of thing can be a normal happening for Dominic to find, but the kids and I are not usually around during the school year to go to work with Dominic.   We certainly have been enjoying our summer with these daily adventures.

What a cutie!  The healthy calf was only about five or six hours old and had been licked clean and was dry and fluffy. 

Normally, during the winter, the cows are brought into the calving barn to give birth but during the summer they are born outside, like this one.

Having a little snack.

After snack, Mama and baby are moved to the calving barn.

Baby got a ride and Mama walked over to the barn.

Home Sweet Home.

Happy Friday! Cheers!
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Rachael said...

So sweet- thank you for sharing!!

The Vamp Tramp said...

What a sweetie. I'd like to bring him home with me. ;)

k. said...

That's one big baby!

Lea said...

Its wonderful to see such a healthly little calf and how you and your family take such good care of your animals

Elise said...

Oh, a NEW baby! That's the BEST! Sometimes I wish they'd stay accessible and easy to love-on like they do when they are new! What a treat! Your photos always take my breath away!