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June 1, 2010

Don't try this at home!

Our new American flag arrived just in time for Memorial Day.  We have really strong winds at our house all year round so our flags become tattered and torn very quickly.

When Dominic went to fly it up on our flag pole the "all weather" rope snapped in half.  The pole is 25 feet high.  Dominic needs to somehow gain access to the top of the pole to string the new rope. I had a feeling this was going to somehow involve me driving the tractor for him to gain access.  I'm not the "smoothest" tractor driver.....poor Dominic.

Annette, (Dominic's Mom) if you're viewing this, you may want to log off now.  You're NOT going to like the first few photos.

Yes, that is a ladder you see in the bucket of the tractor.

"Honey, you don't mind if I snap a few photos while you're up there do you?"


Phew! I must say, this new tractor is MUCH smoother than our old one. A good thing for Dominic.  Very easy to drive and fun too!

Bryce and Paige's job:  make sure the flag doesn't touch the ground.

 And try not to wear it.  Woops!

Up it goes.

Hopefully this flag will last a bit longer than our last one.  It's supposed to be weather resistant.

Happy Tuesday!
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Anonymous said...

but I should be used to it....however, I'm not

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for posting these pictures.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Wow- what is your insurance policy like?

Love the "do you mind if I snap some pictures honey"

Love how the children were so helpful- You have such beautiful family and those rolling hills are just lovely.

Have a great night.

Karen Ziemkowski said...

what aweeeesome photos! I found your blog via MBC and you've gained an instant follower! can't wait to see what other fun photos you post about your life! hope you'll check out my blog too :)

Dana Gustafson said...

Ha ha ha! Greg has a great story about teetering on the top of a ladder that is balancing in the bucket of a tractor with my dad driving it. It's one of his favorite stories to retell. Nice to know that apparently our dairy folks all use that crazy trick when just a ladder, or a tractor bucket, isn't high enough on it's own. Great pics Nancy! They brought a smile to my face today :)