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June 17, 2010

An Afternoon at the Farmer's Market

We're lucky enough to have the choice between many different Farmer's Markets in the area to choose from.  The three of them that we like to go to all happen on different days of the week.  But the closest market to us, is the one right here in downtown Novato, which happens on Tuesdays from 4-8 p.m.
This past Tuesday, we decided to take our first Farmer's Market trip of the season.

This is a little petting zoo available at the Novato market.  I loved the 'hairdo' on this duck! 

Can you tell I love carrots?

If you decide to stay the entire four hours, there's plenty to choose from as far as dinner and dessert choices.

RoliRoti Rotisserie chicken is a great choice for dinner.  There's also plenty of street fair food and restaurants that line the street to choose from as well.

Fresh flowers.

Plenty for the kids to keep entertained.  A train ride,

pony rides,

and a couple of  jumpy houses.

We couldn't pass this booth up without buying.  These delicious little things are from a company called Teeny Cake and if you ever get the chance, try one or five.  They also have Cupcake Pops which are frosting and cake mixed together and dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles,  presented on a lollipop stick......too cute!

We wanted to take a little break after spending some time at the jumpy house so we bought a cold drink at Flour Chylde Bakery and sat outside at one of their patio tables.  They have great espresso drinks also.

On our walk back, we bought some of these.....

and these......

and Bryce wanted the purple cauliflower so that came home too.  Have you ever tried purple cauliflower?  This was my first time buying it and I found it's very peppery tasting. Bryce was a little disappointed in the taste but he loved the look of it. 

Do you visit your local Farmer's Market?  If so, what's your favorite part?

Happy Thursday!
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