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June 15, 2010

Nature's Candy

Is there anything better than fresh fruit in season?  It makes such a perfect dessert or treat anytime.  My kids think of it as a dessert, especially with a bit of whipped topping spooned on top.  I tell them it's Nature's Candy.

I've been into buying pineapple lately.  As soon as we finish one in our house, I buy another one.  The other night, after dinner, I threw together this dessert that pleased everyone and had them coming back for more.

Freshly washed raspberries and sliced pineapple.

I bought this mini colander at Cost Plus for $1 and I use it three or four times a day.  It's my greatest 'find' so far this summer.

Everyone would have been happy with the pineapple and raspberries alone.

Loved the combination of the sweet and juicy pineapple along with the tartness of the fresh raspberries.  And the whipped cream just made it extra special.

Happy Tuesday!
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