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June 5, 2010

Chicken Escapee at the West Marin Fair

The time has come, once again, to celebrate Western Weekend in Pt. Reyes Station.  The weekend begins with the West Marin Fair today.  This is where 4-H members from various local clubs can exhibit their individual 4-H projects they've been working on all year.  Bryce entered his Educational Poster, remember, the one he put together for Marin County 4-H Presentation Day.  He'll be entering this poster display in three of the local fairs this summer....West Marin, Marin County Fair and Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma.

After we set up the poster board in it's designated place, we ventured out to check out some of the entered exhibits.

As we were looking at the rabbit exhibit, we heard a bit of a commotion going on just behind us.  A chicken had escaped from it's cage.

Running loose in the parking lot.

One of the owners tried to throw his sweat jacket down on top of him, but it missed the mark.

Oh Dear!

A group formed a circle around the chicken to try and corner our flustered, feathered friend, but he was too quick.  ( I was also part of this group and not just standing on the side lines taking photos, I'll have you know )

Finally, the little speedster was caught!

And contained. 

You never know what will occur at a 4-H fair!  You just hope it all goes smoothly.

My niece, Morgan was interviewed by the local radio station, KWMR, about the rabbits she and her brother had entered.  I was so proud of her, she spoke and interviewed SO well on her first 'live' and spontaneous interview.

This is one of the things I LOVE about the 4-H teaches kids the tools they need and begins to build the foundation required to be able to speak confidently in every situation.

By the way, the three bunnies in the cage on the right are the babies that were born just before Easter.  Remember how tiny they were?!  They are now three and a half months old.

Peek-a-boo bunny.

Megan with her rabbits.

Okay, we are now heading back out to the fair to collect Bryce's poster and to find out if he's won any ribbons.
I'll update you tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!
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Unknown said...

Hi Nancy,
Great post about 4H, I'll look for Bryce's poster at the Marin county fair this summer. I'm following you on Google, Twitter and Facebook now, better than being a next door neighbor! Thanks for visiting my blog, I just wish I could offer you a cup of coffee or something when you stop by!

Julie said...

That looks like such fun! I grew up in the country, so I participated in a lot of 4-H activities. My older daughters were lucky enough that we had an urban 4-H program when they were growing up, but, by the time my two youngest were old enough, the program no longer existed here.

I hope Bryce got a medal for all of the work he did with that poster! He definitely deserves one!

Thanks for stopping by my blog; MBC is an awesome way to 'meet' new bloggers! I'm following you!

Dana Gustafson said...

Way to go kiddos! Morgan looks totally comfortable behind the mike. And better to try to corral a stampeding chicken then a stampeding heifer! ;) That must have been a fun chase!