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June 16, 2010

The Feel of Cotton (seed) & Shooting Lunch

On a recent visit to the ranch, Bryce and Paige's cousins, Cam and Gavin, had quite the morning!  They love playing with Bryce in the cotton seed.  This can entertain a kid for HOURS.  And as long as there is adult supervision somewhere close by, it's all good!

It's almost like playing in sand.  Okay, okay, it's the farmer's version of playing in sand. 

Even though we live about 25 minutes from the coast, we only seem to visit it when it's 100 degrees inland because that means it's 80 degrees at the coast.....perfect!  It only reaches 100 degrees where we live, around 10 or so times during the summer.

If you missed my post on do dairy cows eat tofu?, cottonseed is one of the ingredients that gets mixed in with the feed everyday.  Here's an up-close look at it.

I find cottonseed all over the shoes, in the laundry, on the floor, in the get the picture.

But it doesn't feel good when it gets in the eyes.

Okay, enough playing.  It's time to shoot lunch.

Gavin is a great shot!  He got a couple of, I can't remember if they were dove or quail, but I think dove.  They had stew for lunch that day............I did not partake.   Anything that is hunted on the ranch, is eaten.  Bryce really liked it!

Happy Wednesday!
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