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June 23, 2010

'The Woods' Behind the Lake & MORE Baby Barn Owls

Yet another work morning with Dominic, the kids and I drove across the street with him to the heifer barn out behind Stafford Lake.  This is the barn on the other half of our ranch that sits across the street behind Stafford Lake.  At this barn and pasture are the heifers, or big calves that are rotated out of the calf barn on the main part of  the ranch.  Once the calves reach the age of five months or so, they are moved to this area that we call 'The Woods'.

This is the barn they walk into to eat their alfalfa and grain.  They also have many acres on which to graze upon.

This is why we call this area 'The Woods'.  It's beautiful, heavily wooded in areas and very peaceful.  This photo is taken just outside the backside of the barn.  I love coming's very peaceful.

This is also a perfect picnic area.

The heifers enjoy it also.  We typically have up to 80 heifers on this acreage of the ranch, all varying between the ages of 5 months to 14 months.  At 14 months they are ready for breeding and will be moved back across the street to the main part of the ranch.

Our two assistants are helping with the feeding in the morning. 

And yet another set of baby Barn Owls is found!   I spotted three babies in this nest.  When we walked in, both the mother and father flew out of the barn and into the trees to the back side of the barn to wait for our departure.

I'll keep you posted on these guys as well!  The babies in the first nest that I posted about, just below our house, are all doing well with the two older owls flying and the two younger owls still confined to their nest.

Happy Wednesday!
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