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June 19, 2010

Las Guitarras

The other day, after the kids and I finished at the Farmer's Market while walking back to the car, we walked by the Mexican restaurant, Las Guitarras.  Dominic and I have eaten there many times before but the kids haven't.  The outdoor patio looked so inviting, Bryce practically begged me to eat dinner there.
Since Dominic had a meeting that evening, I gave in to Bryce's request.  We picked out an outdoor table to eat at.

With our waters, chips and salsa also showed up at the table.  They bring you two salsas.  Both are on the mild side.....the green was very mild (no heat at all) and the red had a little bit of heat to it.  We dug in.

They do have a children's menu available.  Bryce wanted a burrito, so we ordered the ground beef version for him.  Along with the burrito came rice and beans.

He really liked it.

A peek inside Bryce's burrito shows ground beef, beans and cheese.

Paige wanted a quesadilla......cheese, which also came with rice and beans.

She was diggin it.

I ordered the chicken tostada salad that came with lettuce, beans, cheese, topped with pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream.  Really good and fresh.

The patio has a huge fountain which the kids enjoyed throwing pennies into, to make wishes. 

I really have to be 'on top of my game' when I take these two out.  Our entire dinner conversation went something like this............

"Mom, do you have pennies for us?"
"Mom, can I tell you my wish?" 
"Will the wish come true?"
"Who grants the wish?"
"How do they know what I'm wishing for?"
"Who gets all those coins in there?"
"How long will it take for my wish to come true?"
"Can I get in the fountain?"

and on and on and on.......

The three of us had a fun dinner date together.  Next time, hopefully daddy can come along too.

Happy Saturday!
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Anonymous said...

So funny you posted about this restaurant! Max has been begging to eat there all week long, seriously. Finally got his wish tonight, Cotati location though. Burrito was a big thumbs up according to his 10 year old palate. Which I must say, is a pretty good one (unfortunately because it leads to alot more than just grilled cheese and french fries at a restaurant...) Love seeing your summer so far, thanks! Lisa Poncia

Elise said...

You are so fun, Nancy! I love this place, to begin with, but you made it look SO romantic {in a foodie kind of way...}... What fun! I've always had such a soft spot for it because it IS such a kid-friendly place {BALLOONS! Fountain! Color crayons! HELLO!}, plus the food is wonderful! Thanks for the yummy reminder! {Your two are SO cute!}

Robin @ Blommi said...

These great spots you have been sharing with us, make me want to visit the area.

oz said...

Dinner looks delicious and absolutely worth the stop! Gotta' love the inquisitiveness of children ;)