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June 28, 2011

Three Ingredient Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches with Nutella

It's June 28th, the kids are on summer vacation and it's pouring outside here in northern California.  We haven't been indoors for the last week because of hanging out at our county fair, so finding a rainy day activity was fairly easy to come up with. 

And who could turn down mini ice cream sandwiches?  Especially the type that are easy to make yourself and require no baking on my part.

Here's what you need.....

Ice cream, we used Clover Stornetta french vanilla, Nutella and Ritz crackers.

Set your ice cream out on the counter and let it soften up.  While you're doing that, spread Nutella on one side of a Ritz cracker. 

Repeat.  Five or ten times.

Once you've done that, your ice cream should be softened.  Scrape the ice cream with a butter knife and spread on another five or ten Ritz crackers. 

Nutella meet french vanilla.  Wrap them up and freeze.
The kids love these and I love them because it gives me that sweet and salty taste that I crave!

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