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June 20, 2011

Even Little Queens Have Mishaps

It's early on Sunday morning, hair is being done,
hoop skirt on, check
full length white gown on, check
white gloves, check
7 ft. cape is in the car, check
tiara bobby pinned into place, check.

A day in the life of a 'Little Queen' on parade day, has just begun.  This was Paige's first experience walking in a procession as Petaluma Holy Ghost Portuguese Society's 'little queen'.  She did better than expected.

Let's just say, she took on her new role seriously.  Queen wave and all.

well, I knew something was bound to happen, and it did.  But we all laugh about it now.  After the procession, back at the hall, as tradition goes, the Senior Queen releases a white dove.

She released it and it decided to do a dive bomb move.

 Heading straight for.........

Paige's tiara.

Where it perched until someone grabbed a hold of it.

But in queen like fashion, Paige held her composure, for the most part. I now know for certain, animals really respond well and can sense when there's an extreme animal lover in the crowd.

All was better after some food and a little Barbie playtime:)

To explain what this parade is all about, click on "My Portuguese Heritage"

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