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June 29, 2011

A Simple Gardener

This past February, when we were having 80 degree temps and what I thought was going to be an early summer, so I sprinkled some seeds and planted some bulbs in the simple container garden from last summer.  Little did I know that our spring/summer like weather we were experiencing was only to last through the month of February.

I have yet to plant our 'formal' garden for the year.

Yesterday, it poured down rain all day long.

Today I went out to the containers in which I planted the carrot and parsley seeds, onion and garlic bulbs.  I have never planted garlic {the larger bulb on the left} so I'm not sure if this is what it's supposed to look like or not, but I plan on hanging it to dry.
The onions are small, maybe I pulled them too soon or maybe they're the size they are because of the lack of warm weather.  The carrots are great and sweet and there's a ton of them.

Parsley grows like a weed and smells so good.  I cut a small bunch and it now sits in a jar with water on my windowsill, ready to use.

How's your garden growing and what can you tell me about onions and garlic?

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