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June 16, 2011

The Farmer Fathers In My Life

Our family's farm legacy began in the 1800's when Dominic's Great Grandfather Domenico Grossi immigrated to the United States from Switzerland.  He eventually got married to Teresa and settled at what we call the 'Home Ranch' that sits just down the road from where we are now.

Domenico and Teresa had 10 children, one of whom is Dominic's Grandfather, George.  George married Mary and they ended up settling on their own ranch, just adjacent to the 'home ranch' and where we call home today. 

Grandpa George and Grandma Mary had three children, two girls and a son. 

George Jr, Grandpa George's son and my father-in-law,  married Annette in the late 60's and they had three children; two girls and a son.  George Jr., still works hard every day on our dairy farm.  He loves this land and this way of life.

And as most of you know, Dominic and our family live here on the farm and Dominic follows in his father's footsteps and works hard every day on our dairy farm as well.
This is a tribute to the Farmer Fathers in my life.....

 I’m Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple

By Bobby Collier

I’m just a farmer,

Plain and simple.

Not of a royal birth

But rather, a worker of the earth.

I know not of riches

But rather, of patches on my britches

I know of draught and rain,

Of pleasure and pain.

I know of the good and the bad,

The happy and the sad.

I am a man of emotions.

A man who loves this land,

And the beauty of its sand.

I know of a spring’s fresh flow

And autumn’s golden glow,

Of a newborn calf’s hesitation,

And the eagle’s destination.

I know of tall pines,

And long, waiting lines.

Of the warmth of campfires,

And the agony of flat tires.

But I am a man who loves his job

And the life I live.

I am a man who works with God,

I cannot succeed without his help,

For you see,

I’m just a farmer

Plain and simple.

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What an interesting history!

This would be perfect to link up to Memory Lane Friday tomorrow, if you like doing those sorts of link ups :-)

TexWisGirl said...

great tribute for farming fathers. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

My husband who is from Wisconsin grew up on a farm which has been in the family for more than 100 years--Knowing them and reading your post is a good reminder of a good hard life of people who truly have a connection to the land they live on. Thanks for another good post!!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

nice tribute to Dad. I like your words.

Nancy said...

What great history you have attached to your farm. I imagine you think about what it was like for Domenico and Mary when they first started out. Must have been very laborious and hard.

Thanks for sharing this today. I love reading about "the old times." :)

Sara said...

So sweet, love the poem. My husband's great-grandfather was a farmer, then his grandfather started the dairy where we live and work alongside his dad. I hope that someday we have children that want to work the land with us. :)

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

What a great history. I love the lineage in photos!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

What would we do without Farmer!! Great story....

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

What an awesome legacy. Its great to be able to see the generations past on the land you call home :)

Cabin Fever in Vermont

cathy@home said...

What a lovely tribute to the farming fathers

Emily @Zweber Farms said...

Great tribute to fathers! I love the poem too. "But I am a man who loves his job and the life I live" is my favorite line. I too wrote post about the farmer fathers in my life. They are true gems.

Teresa said...

What a wonderful tribute! It's so great that the family has been in the same place farming for such a long time.

Buttons Thoughts said...

This is so nice it touches my heart to see how a family came to be where they are. I know the struggles were there but it is always nice to know where you come from. Lovely story. B

Rosie said...

Such a sweet and touching post! It really resonates with me, I have a lot of "Farming Fathers" to thank for where my family & I are today.

Pat Tillett said...

What a great tribute for father's day! Nice photos, family history and poem. Have a great weekend.

Katie said...

This made me cry and is a fabulous tribute! Thanks for linking up for my Father's Day blog hop. We all so fortunate for the strong examples that have been set for our children!

Kim said...

I loved seeing the old and new photos, and I enjoyed the poem. Thanks for the great Father's Day tribute!

Our Spin Cycle said...

What a wonderful tribute to the fathers in your life on this weekend to honor them.

I'm partial to the name Dominic, by the way ~ that's my son's name.

Karen Taylor said...

Love the tribute to your Farming Fathers! My Farming Father(Bill Bianchini) would have been 70 years old today. So sad that he was only able to enjoy farm life for 42 years. Each day I am reminded of his farming life as I walk through the same barns, open the same gates and sleep in the same house/room he once did. If heaven has any dairy cows he must have milked a few by now.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Karen, I didn't realize he was so young when he passed... He lives on in you, every day on your dairy farm and in your house...what a special feeling that must be:)

Unknown said...

Wonderful post and perfect for fathers day! thanks for linking up...How wonderful to carry on the tradition and be a part of your families past " today".