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June 9, 2011

Gavin's 'Lap Calf'

Our local county fair is just two weeks away and let me tell you, little Emma, the dairy calf is ready.  My nephew, Gavin, is showing Emma at the fair so he's been spending time at the ranch and working with her and his other heifer, Bella. 

Emma leads really well and is SUCH a sweetheart.  Gavin and I coined a new phrase {it's what we do at the calf barn along with naming every calf}.... 'Lap Calf ', because that's just what Emma is or would be if we let her.

My kids are still in school this week so I had a fun time hanging out with Gavin at the calf barn.  I really got to see Gavin's love for cows and calves come shining through.

"Say Cheese" says Gavin to Emma..........and LOOK, she did!

If only we could house-potty train Emma, wouldn't that be something?!

Stay tuned for updates on how Emma and Gavin do at the fair!

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