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June 8, 2011

Out My Bathroom Window

Just outside our hallway bathroom window, our {sluggish} internet satellite dish sits mounted upon the wall.  And cradled in the mounting bars of the satellite dish sits this little nest.
Just underneath the satellite dish and nest is where I feed our two ferrel cats, Dora and Diego, that happen to live in our garage.

Why these adorable little birds, I believe to be some sort of Finch, build their home here year after year, is beyond me.

But for the time being,

I'm happy they do.  Because from out my bathroom window, the kids and I have a birds eye view of this sweet little pair of tweeters.  And soon, we'll have a perfect view of the babies, soon to be hatched.

Now I know why the very clever, Dora and Diego have chosen our garage to call home.

I want to thank all that have voted for Rocky Road ice cream so far in the P.D. Face Off Challenge!  I'm only participating in the contest to help celebrate June as 'Dairy Month' and I really appreciate all your support!

I need your help friends, please click here to vote for Rocky Road ice cream in the Progressive Dairyman Face Off before June 14th!  With every vote, your name can be entered to win $100 in free ice cream!!    Thanks for your support!

If you missed out on what this challenge is all about, click on Face Off Challenge for an explanation!

For your viewing, the road to Rocky Road~

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