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January 2, 2012

Regifting ~ Faux Pas or Not?

It's over.  The holiday season has officially ended.  Are you happy?  Do you have a surplus of gifts that you've acquired over the holidays that you can't use or don't want?

Regifting.  Is it okay to do or not??

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Here's what Emily Post has to say on the matter:

Gifts should only be 'recycled' or 'regifted' occasionally.  And ONLY if you're almost positive the recipient would appreciate the gift. 
  • You never want to hurt any one's feelings. 
  • The gift should be brand new and its original packaging.
  • The gift isn't one that the original giver took lots of time selecting for you.
  • And if in doubt, don't do it.

I don't regift my gifts but if I do receive a gift that I don't have a need for or don't like, I donate it.

So what are your thoughts on re-gifting?  Do you do it?

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