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January 5, 2012

Bear Valley Visitor Center in Pt. Reyes

My kids are still on Christmas vacation, so this being their second week of being at home, every day some sort of activity needs to take place.  We've also been experiencing unusually warm weather; 65-70 degrees so we took advantage of the warm, sunny weather and met some friends at the Bear Valley Visitor Center in Pt. Reyes.

There are plenty of hiking and horseback trails that lead out from the Bear Valley Visitor Center.  Some as short as a 10 minute hike and some that you can hike the four or so miles out to the beach.  We chose a couple of the short ones.

The Earthquake Trail is really interesting as it sits right on the San Andreas Fault line and takes you through the effects of the 1906 earthquake.  This hike is definitely kid-friendly.

Here is the area where the fence 'jumped' 16 feet during the earthquake....a great visual.

If you're visiting this area, dress in layers because one never knows whether it will be fogged in, or sunny and warm.  We lucked out at a warm 62 degree day.

I love the Spanish Moss that hangs elegantly from many of the do not do it justice.

Our next short hike was the Kule Loklo trail where one can envision what it was once like to live as a Miwok Indian back in the day.

The teepees are up and ready to explore.

I thought this huge stone where food was ground was really cool.

I hadn't been on this trail in many years but the kids took a field trip here last year with school and they knew what the Family Sweat Lodge was ALL about. 

Apparently this is where families would come to smoke their pipes and such.  I'm sure there's more to it than that but this was the only thing the 6 and 7 year old remembered of the sweat lodge from their field trip.

We crouched to walk back out.

By this time everyone was hungry, so it was back to the Visitor Center picnic tables for lunch.
On our way back, we spotted a white Fallow Deer nestled in the brush....she's in the center of the photo if you look real close.

If you're out in this area visiting, here are the directions and information on Bear Valley Visitor Center.

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