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October 5, 2011

TT: Milk is better than Water for Hydration

My kids are signed up for youth soccer right now and as a soccer parent, I'm responsible for bringing snacks and hydration drinks to the games once or twice during the season.  My kids love chocolate milk, so that's normally the drink I choose to bring, along with regular milk and a bowl full of watermelon.  After coming across this recent study, just yesterday, I feel even better about my choice.  So for all the mom and dad readers out there, I just wanted to pass along this information.

A study was conducted at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada finding milk to be better than water to rehydrate kids. 

Children need to be watered with milk.  It's a more effective way of countering dehydration than a sports drink or water itself, say researchers at the University.

On hot days, it's particularly important to remain hydrated.  Milk replaces the sodium lost in sweat and helps the body retain fluid better.  Milk also provides protein needed by children for muscle development and growth which is not found in the other drinks.

The study conducted was performed on 8-10 year olds, who were involved in exercising in a climate chamber, then receiving a drink before being measured for hydration.  Drinking milk was found to be the best for hydration.

Brian Timmons, an assistant professor of pediatrics of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, said active children and adults usually don't drink enough to stay hydrated during exercise, so they often have a disadvantage when it comes to hydration when they begin their next session of exercise.

He also said that 1 percent dehydration can have up to a 15 percent decrease in performance, with increased heart rate.

McMaster University Study on using Milk for Hydration

What's your drink of choice to hydrate after a workout or kid's sporting event??

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jules said...

I would never have thought of that!

That's Life said...

I am so thankful you shared this! My son is so sick and it's hard to get him to drink water, but maybe he will drink some milk. I didn't even think to try that. Thanks for sharing!

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Huh. This is a pretty interesting post. I was just told by someone that I should drink a glass of milk after working out instead of water. Here I thought they had lost their mind, haha. I think I may try it now! Thanks for sharing!