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October 31, 2011

Halloween~ Is it even a Holiday?

I'm not sure if Halloween is considered a true holiday or not, all I know is that we've been celebrating it for the last four days. 

I'm so done with Halloween.

It began a week ago at the Nicasio Pumpkin Patch, where Bryce and Paige picked out their pumpkins with their cousins, Raja and Yasmeena.  They played on the jumpies, walked the corn maze and picked the biggest, round pumpkins they could find.

Paige and Bryce unexpectedly found a picture of themselves at the pumpkin patch.

Then we moved on to Halloween weekend where the kids began with a Halloween party at my gym.  Ate pizza, played with friends, made crafts and watched a movie. 

The downtown merchants of Novato put on a really fun, day time trick or treating event the Saturday before Halloween every year.  I braved the crowds with four kids in tow.  Bryce and Paige with their cousins Cameron and Leila.

They totally scored on the candy.  Now I just need to come up with a way to get rid of it without them noticing.

Moving on, Bryce had is 7th birthday last week and we threw him a costume birthday party on Sunday.  More sugar, but at least they consumed some vitamin D and calcium with it...... ice cream sundaes on the dessert menu for the evening.

And now we're here, Halloween morning.  The kids pulled their costumes on  for one more day to go to school.  Our little one-room school will travel a few miles down the road to the next one-room school, where they will celebrate a Halloween Harvest party together with a third one-room school. 

Sliders on the hot lunch menu, Bryce was first in line...

Okay, I'm not quite done with Halloween just yet.......we're trick or treating the neighborhood nearest us to collect even more candy.

What do you do with all your excess Halloween candy?  Dump it, give it away or freeze it??

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