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October 26, 2011

TT w/Linky: The Art of Egg Salad {recipe}

I was recently inspired by a visit to a fabulous bakery, Della Fattoria {which means 'of the farm'}
located in Petaluma.  I met my sister there for coffee and a late breakfast after school drop off.  I've been wanting to try it and now I've been craving what I ordered ever since.  The egg salad served on toast. 

It wasn't just your typical egg salad on toast, they serve theirs on crusty whole wheat bread, three long slices of it, piled with their just the right consistency egg salad......for only $5 dollars! 

If you're an egg salad fan and you're local, Della Fattoria is a must try.  Or if you're coming to visit me, I'll take you to Della Fattoria!

So, my visit there, inspired me to make my own egg salad at home.

I used a super easy method to boiling eggs.  After cooling the boiled eggs, give them a rough chop.

I love sweet pickle relish, so that was added along with a bit of mayo and some dijon mustard.  Salt and pepper too.

I chopped up some fresh parsley from my garden to add in as well.

This is a totally different version than Della Fattoria's but it definitely satisfied my craving for egg salad on toast.  The only thing missing was the crusty whole wheat bread......a whole wheat bun had to do it for me on this particular morning.

I'm thankful for our feathered friends who produce the versatile egg!  Do you eat egg salad?  What are some of your favorite ingredients?

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