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July 31, 2010

Wrong Turn & Leftovers

I'm amazed again and again by how tolerant little Chloe is.  She lets Paige do just about anything to her.  I really think she digs being handled by someone who is pretty firm in their handling.  Chloe has been part of our family for just a little over a year now and she's the perfect addition.  We're so lucky!

On to lunch.  Another reason I love having out of town visitors is I always end up making way too much food......which means leftovers!  I love leftovers.  Quick, easy, delicious and flavorful.  Nothing better!  One of the nights my cousin, Victor was over I made T.J.'s Chicken BBQ Teriyaki with veggies and I had assumed Dominic was eating with us......well, he didn't.  And by now, you all know how much Dominic can eat.  Needless to say, I had a ton of leftovers.  YUM!

On a different note, if you're ever cruising around Sausalito and you want to drive to the Marin Headlands, here's a heads up. 

After my cousin and I had lunch at Scoma's, I thought it would be faster jumping onto the freeway from the south side of town instead of driving north through the town of Sausalito to catch the freeway.  Well, we came upon a stop light {that was green, apparently} which takes you under the freeway through a long, one way tunnel towards the Marin Headlands.  Well, on the way back through, after figuring out there was not a freeway entrance anywhere close, we once again came upon the stop light before the tunnel, going in the opposite direction.  But this time, there was a line of stopped cars.  I guess neither one of us noticed the sign that reads "5 minute Red Light" the first go around.

So we waited our 5 minutes and on through the tunnel we drove, again feeling like a tourist with my camera hanging out the window.  It was fun!

What if there's a traffic jam IN a tunnel?  What do you do?  Turn off the car? {these are the crazy things I think about}

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The Cookbook Apprentice said...

I grew up in the suburbs of NY and when we would go into the city we had to go through tunnels. The fascinated and terrified me at the same time. Paige and Chloe are adorable! I have a maltese named Chloe.

Unknown said...

Isn't that tunnel weird? Marin Headlands sure are beautiful though!