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July 22, 2010

Working the Calf Barn

Part of what's fun about summer break is the time the kids and I can spend down on the ranch in the mid-morning hours.  It's not too hot, they have all their energy up and running and the calves always welcome visitors.

On this particular morning, last week, Bryce was helping his dad fetch a bucket from the center of one of the calf pens.

Calves and cows are both are SO curious. 

Found the bucket.

Time to feed some of the bigger calves (these are about 3 to 5 months old).....

Munching some alfalfa....

We love the calf barn.  Always a ton of different things to do, babies to pet and feed, etc.  I especially like it before the extreme warmth of summer comes.  Because with extreme warmth, comes thousands of flies, but that's another post I'll save for later........ (I'll warn you first).

Happy Thursday!
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1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

I know what you mean. When the heat comes, cows are fly magnets...not to be confused with the other