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July 3, 2010

TJ's Broccoli Beef & Lactose Free Tofutti Cuties

Do you ever shop at Trader Joe's?  I was so excited when we had one open in our town a couple of years ago.  I usually shop at TJ's twice a month or so.  They have such great prices on things, it's hard to pass up.  I like to keep some frozen, easy to prepare food on hand at home for those nights that  A) I  forgot to pull something out of the freezer to thaw or  B) just don't have much time to prepare dinner.

My last visit to TJ's, I picked up a box of Broccoli Beef to try out. 

It looked promising.

In the package you'll find some frozen, coated beef.  In which you brown for a few minutes.

Also in the package is the broccoli, which you add to the beef and heat for a few more minutes.  When finished cooking, just add the heated sauce to the mixture.

I served it upon a mound of brown rice.  All in all, it was pretty good.  At first taste, I sensed a very faint fish flavor that I wasn't very fond of.  But after eating a few bites mixed in with the rice, I thought it was pretty good (not great).

For dessert, we had Bryce's pick.  He loves these little mini ice cream sandwiches.  This is another TJ's item that Bryce just discovered (see what happens when I take the kids grocery shopping!).   And since they are dairy free and with Bryce being slightly lactose intolerant (can you even believe that!), these were great!
A note on lactose intolerance, allowing Bryce to drink raw milk from our dairy totally removes any lactose intolerance symptoms he has! (more on this later).

I also like their small size.


Happy Saturday!
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