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July 7, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine?  Ummm, not so well...

I do like to garden, or I should say, I like to reap the rewards of vegetable gardening.  However, I have now tried my hand at gardening here on the ranch for the past six years and my results have been, shall we say, below average.  Now I know I can garden and have been successful at it in the past.....maybe my results here have something to do with the gale force winds we experience up here on our little hill almost every afternoon??

We fertilize the soil, so I believe that part is okay.  I've tried planting in the soil, changing locations of the plants every year, sprinkler watering, ground watering and now container gardening.

My poor patio tomato plant I planted at least 2 months ago......

Looks like a shriveled up mess doesn't it?

This is what it looked like 2 months ago.  Much bushier isn't it?

My caged cucumber sprout.  This is the third time this season that I've planted cucumber seeds.  They always pop up but I think we have a pesky rabbit visiting every night.  So I'm trying the cage method.

Heirloom jack-o-lantern plants, also protected by screen mesh.   

The culprit may very well be VERY hungry insects because we also have zucchini planted (2nd time) in the ground and they have definitely been eaten by insects.  Not sure what to do.  We don't spray pesticides and I can't plant enough for everyone.

Okay, I'll quit my whining now.
My container radishes seem to be doing good.  But aren't radishes the easiest thing you can grow?  They're like weeds, so I couldn't go wrong there!

Dominic planted three rows of corn and they're doing okay for now.

Gale force winds.......everyday.....which is great for our flag!  But look, I just noticed in this photo - even the flag pole is leaning from the wind.

Any and All tips are welcome!  Help!

Happy Wednesday!
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