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July 21, 2010

From Generation to Generation~The Change of Hands

Life went by on the Grossi dairy farm.  George and Mary had three kids; Carol, George Jr. and Shirley.  Here they are standing in front of the garage, which is still standing and used on the ranch today. 

Now that I'm taking a closer look at this photo, I think that ladder is still here on the ranch too.

The summer after George Jr. graduated high school in 1966, he went off to college for four years in San Luis Obispo where he attended Cal Poly.  This is when he started dating my mother-in-law, Annette.  Annette is from San Luis Obispo and was attending Cuesta Jr.College.  Although they had met a year or two previously when George would travel down to San Luis Obispo to participate in FFA state final competitions at Cal Poly.  Annette was working in her parent's restaurant, "Scotty's Cafe" at the time she and George met.  When George moved to San Luis Obispo, they began dating and were married a little over a year later.  

In the early 70's after college graduation, George, Annette and their new born daughter, Lesha moved back to the Grossi ranch so George could run the dairy and begin buying out his father for ownership of the dairy business.   They moved into his mom and dad's house, while George Sr. and Mary moved into their brand new home they just had built, right up the hill.

George and Annette have three kids; Lesha, Dominic and Rachella.  Here they are with Annette in the old calf barn that was moved from across the street.

The corral in front of the calf barn.

In 1988 the old calf barn came down and a new freestall barn was rising.  If you look close, you can see some of the frame work going up.

I can't finish without including some prime 80's photos.

Back row: Dominic, Lesha - Front row: George, Annette, Rachella -1980.

George Sr., George and Dominic - 1988.

Dominic followed in his father's footsteps. He also attended Cal Poly,  and after graduation, came home to the ranch where he partnered with his father in the dairy business.

Here's a photo taken this past April.  George, Annette, Dominic, Bryce & Paige

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