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July 28, 2010

Playing like a tourist

I love having out of town guests stay over for visits.  One of the reasons is I get to play tour guide and be a tourist in my own area at the same time!

My cousin, Victor has been up visiting from Southern CA for a few days.  We have SO much fun every time he visits.  On this trip, one of the places we decided to visit was the town of Healdsburg, which such a cute, artsy, quaint town. 

Outside one of the cafes, was this can't really see from the photo but it's a teaspoon waterfall.  Water comes trickling down from the top of the structure, into the teaspoons that then tilt downward and on to the teaspoon beneath.  So cool! (my photos definitely do not do this piece of art justice)

Healdsburg has a few antique shops in the downtown area.  I love antiquing.  Never know what treasure I might find.

Loads of copper pots.

An antique coffee grinder.

I like finding unique bottles to use as flower vases.  Didn't find one on this trip though.

Look at this butter churn! 

Wouldn't this make a great coffee table or outdoor table if legs and a thick piece of glass were added?

Antique shopping (or any shopping) always works up an appetite.  We stopped at the Bear Republic Brewing Co. for lunch.

If you're a beer connoisseur, you would love this place.  They have a great selection of their own brewed beer and ciders too.

Victor and I had wine; I had Davies Old Vine Zin and Victor had a Pinot, my sister Lisa had a Pepsi.

Couldn't decide what a I wanted, a salad or a sandwich so Victor and I shared half of each.  Here is my half of the Cobb Salad.  So good!

And my half of the chicken, brie and caramelized onion sandwich....again, so good.

We ate out on the patio.  Lisa and Victor.

Victor and me.

Bye Bye Healdsburg.....until next time.

Happy Wednesday!
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Pat Tillett said...

I haven't spend any time in Healdsburg since it "reinvented" itself. I need to go there...

Dana Gustafson said...

Well I was going to suggest you try the garlic fries at the Bear BUT THEN I read your camping post when you fried eveything in sight! ;) LOL!