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July 26, 2010

Food of a Farmer's Summer Vacation

What is it about vacation that makes you hungry enough to eat ALL of this?!  This was Dominic's first helping....YIKES! 

We normally don't eat a whole lot of fried food but this is what was on the menu for one of the nights on vacation.  A whole lot of onion rings, fries, Talapia and chicken was fried up.  I have to say, there is something about a freshly fried onion ring that is extremely enjoyable. Dipped in some ranch dip....Oh Boy!

It was our friend's, Mark & Cindy's night to cook and they brought their new, deep, outdoor fryer to use.
And let me tell you, they've got the entire frying thing down.

Everything dipped into a tempura batter,

deep fried in fresh oil,

creates pure yumminess.  Everyone enjoyed, except for my Bryce, who is my 'caveman' and only eats raw veggies, fruit, and beef or venison, oh, and candy.  He had a veggie platter on this night instead.

We did counter the fried food with some veggies and dip......a perfect compliment to the fried feast. 

This was my plate....tilapia, one chicken nugget, onion rings and fries, BBQ sauce for dipping and some veggies and grapes.

After that big dinner, it was time to fry up some dessert.  Yep, I said fry.

Take a guess at what this is.....

If you guessed Twinkie, you are correct.

It had been SO long since I had eaten a Twinkie and never a fried one.  This was my first.  It actually tasted very similar to a donut.

If you try this at home, make sure you freeze the twinkies before frying so they don't melt.

Thankfully I remembered to pack the Tums.  They were definitely needed.

Happy Monday!

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