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October 19, 2012

Spooky Pretzel Sticks

Looking for a quick and easy food project to make with your kids for Halloween?  Check out these Spooky Pretzel Sticks!  Wouldn't these be fun at a party or for your child's classroom Halloween project?  Fun for all and tasty too.

'Best of the Web'  Spooky Pretzel Sticks by Midwest Living.

photo and idea courtesy Midwest Living

Candy Coating: Look for colored candy disks at crafts stores. They come in a variety of colors and melt for dipping and decorating. Our critters use white, green, orange and black. Apply eyes and mouths with a small brush or toothpick. Dip twice for a contrasting face and body {see Dracula}, or drizzle stripes {see Mummy}. Make sure the candy sets between colors; chilling speeds the process.
Sprinkles:  For a fuss-free treat, roll a dipped rod in seasonal sprinkles or decorating sugar. Nonpareils and sprinkles also make good eyes and noses.
Gumdrops:  Mold a dark gumdrop into a pointed witch’s hat.
Fruit Leather: Snip colorful fruit leather into strips of hair {see Witch} or accessories {see Dracula’s bow tie}.
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