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October 4, 2012

Our Wii U Experience

Most of the time when I'm invited to participate in various events, it's normally me, going solo.  Most events are adult type where kids aren't invited or wouldn't even be interested in.  When the Wii U Experience event came up, I knew my kids would totally dig it and feel special about being included in one of my blogging events......I couldn't say no.

So off we went for a quick drive in to San Francisco, Fort Mason Center on a Sunday afternoon.

Nintendo announced its Wii U Game Pad, which allows interactive play between 1-2 or more people.  It's a hand-held pad that creates a second window to game playing and is interactive with the TV screen.  So while Bryce is using the traditional controller and playing on the TV screen, Paige is holding the Game Pad and using its touch screen, motion control, front face camera, microphone and stylus to play interactively with Bryce.  SO cool! 

Here the two of them are playing interactive Mario Cart with three other players.  What I really like about the Wii U is the necessity of using teamwork to play some of the games...they need to work together to conquer.

 The event lasted about 2 hours and the kids got their fill of new video games, or new to them anyway.

The Nintendo 3DS is super popular with Bryce and Paige as well.  They were digging the 3 D aspect of the hand-held device.

Paige also got to meet Mario and take a photo with him.  Bryce said 'No way'....he's eight and 'too old' for that.

Wii U comes out in November, just in time for the holidays.....I wonder what my kids will be asking for this Christmas?!

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