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September 6, 2012

Skinny Girl {or boy} Margarita

I like Margaritas but the one thing I don't like about them is all the empty calories I consume when drinking one...or two.  Just recently my friend, Michelle, turned me on to her version of the Skinny Margarita using a throw back from the 70's.....FRESCA.

Now, I didn't drink Fresca, but my older sister did.....along with TAB....remember that one?  I didn't even know Fresca still existed, but it does.  Fresca is a citrus sparkling soda with 0 calories.....I don't like it alone but it works with tequila!

Here's what you do.....

Use your favorite 100% Agave tequila.  Slice up a lime.

Pour your desired amount of tequila over ice, add the Fresca, lime slices and I add Kosher salt into the mix as well.

I like this mix so much better than the store bought 'Skinny Girl' pre-mix margaritas.....less expensive too.

Let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a similar recipe that has a Corona Lite in it too :) Good stuff!

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Missy, that sounds really good!