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September 24, 2012

Venison Flip Flop

Yesterday marked the end of the eight week deer hunting season in our area, so to celebrate a prosperous season, we had a Venison Flip Flop dinner at my in-law's on their back patio last evening.

This is how the Venison Flip Flop all goes down....

A venison ham is put on the grill dressed with a mixture of Italian dressing, red and white wine, melted butter and wine vinegar, seared on one side, flipped over, thin slices are then sliced off the top side while the bottom side is searing, then you flop it back over and begin the process over again.  Constant work for the cook, my father-in-law, while the rest of us ate and drank and became merry.

All that's required for a Venison Flip Flop is a good crowd, one ham feeds about 20 people or so, wine,

family and good friends,

a hearty appetite for some tender, juicy venison....oh yum

and some sliced french bread with a small slab of butter to place the seared venison slice upon.

Repeat the last step as many times as you like.  Cheers!
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