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September 11, 2012

9-11 Never Forgotten

It was 11 years ago today, my day off from working at the salon, I had woken up early just as I normally do, laying in bed contemplating my plans for the day when I switched on the television to see the weather forecast.  I sat in horrified silence at the images I was viewing on the screen.  At first I thought a tragic plane crash....until the next plane crash came into view.  I knew it was something much larger and even more terrifying.

And there I sat.  In my pajamas, all day, unable to pull myself away from the TV.
On my trip to NYC last month, I visited the 9-11 Memorial site.

The main building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan in New York City and will be a 104-story skyscraper. It sits where the original 6 World Trade Center once stood - in the northwest corner of the 16-acre World Trade Center site.
Construction crews began work more than six years ago, and it was given its official name  - One World Trade Center - in 2009.
The tower will be the third-tallest building in the world - the tallest in the Western Hemisphere.

To all the families & friends who've lost loved ones in 9-11, they will always be remembered.  I will never forget and when my kids are old enough to better understand, they too, will never forget the thousands who perished on this day.

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