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July 31, 2012

Wedding Crashers

This past weekend, we headed down to San Luis Obispo {SLO} with family, to visit  other family.  SLO is one of my favorite towns around.  It's beautiful, near the coast, not too hot, ever, wineries all around, crisp fresh air and it's nicknamed SLO not only because of its initials, but because of its slow paced life.  

There are no drive-thrus in SLO.  Nope, not even a drive-through Starbucks!  It's a take your time kind of place and I like it.

Whenever we're in SLO, we usually stay at the Embassy Suites.  Probably one of my favorite places to stay with family.  Full breakfast is included with your stay every morning and a free 'cocktail hour' is also included every evening with snacks and cocktails, beer and wine.  It's like they never want you to leave the hotel....and they make it easy not to.

Upon arrival Saturday afternoon, they informed us a wedding would be taking place in the atrium, which is the common area that all the rooms look down on.

When my kids and their cousins caught wind of this, they were giddy with excitement.  This would be the first wedding my kids have ever 'attended'.  

Totally felt like wedding crashers.

The balcony to our room overlooked the atrium, perfect viewing.  The bride made her late entrance from the glass elevator, just above her awaiting guests.  Paige was speechless.....I think she wanted the dress.

Cousins came over from their room to watch the ceremony, patiently awaiting the big and "hopefully long" kiss.  Yep, that's all they wanted to see.  Fifteen minutes later, they were satisfied with what they witnessed.

Then it was time for our night out.  The kids great grandma, Great Nonnie, was whom we came down to visit.  So off to meet her at her home then out to dinner.

Have you ever been a Wedding Crasher?

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The Coolidges said...

That is too funny. That is a brave bride to have her wedding in a hotel like that with random people looking on.

Jessica said...

It took me a second to see the bride in the elevator - wow, that is so cool! What an entrance!