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July 10, 2012

Sights of Milking Time

Spending an afternoon at the calf barn brings many sights, sounds, smells and experiences.

At around 3 p.m., our second string of milk cows make thier way past the calf barn to the milking parlor.  They know the route well and look forward to their eight minute turn at the milking machine. 

During their turn, they enjoy a little snack of's all good.....relief of udder pressure, a little snack, then turned back out to their corral where they will enjoy some dinner and more leisure time.  We've been enjoying a mild summer thus far and the cows really seem to enjoy it.  The cooler the temperature is, the better it is for them.  The more comfortable the dairy cow is, the more milk she will produce. 

Back at the calf barn, it's nap time for new born calf, Brina and Paige looks as though she wouldn't mind snuggling up right next to her for a little snooze herself.

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NannyGoat said...

Those of us who have breast-fed our babies know how delightful "relief of udder pressure" and a little snack can be!

Unknown said...

Paige is looking so grown up! Cute picture of her and the calves.