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July 3, 2012

Marin County Fair ~ Cousins

The Marin County Fair is going on in our area at the moment.  Yesterday was Dairy Cow Show Day, where the dairy cows are shown by fellow 4Hers and since Bryce will be showing next year, I like him to get as much exposure to showing as possible, just to make sure he really wants to experience this himself next year.

Taking a break from the Dairy Show, we found cousin, Miss E., and brought her along to find some lunch.

After lunch, Bryce went home for the afternoon so the girls and I went on a Marin Co. Fair adventure to see what we could find.

Digging for worms was a huge hit.  This booth is found near the livestock area and the girls spent an hour digging for worms.

Back in the exhibit hall, the girls were excited to find Darth Vader, he only makes an appearance once or twice a day, they felt fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to him.

They also had time to quiz the Storm Troopers on pending questions....
"Where is R2D2?  Where is Princess Leia?  Will they be here later?  Do you have a name?  What is it?"

It happened to be 'Free Kid Day' at the fair, so the ride lines were really looong, we managed to go on a few.

After Miss E. left for the day, Paige and I found the fluffiest little, just hatched baby chick!  Just out of his shell, this little peep was the cutest thing!

Before the night time entertainment, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, we visited the face painting booth in preparation for the evening's concert.

A long, fun day at the county fair.  They're open through July 4th with a fabulous fireworks display every night so if you're local and get the chance, go!

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1 comment:

Val said...

This makes me excited for our county fair in a couple of weeks! Great photos.