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July 23, 2012

Post-Party Crashers

Have you ever had a party and ended up with some late, late party crashers?  Well it happened here.  These girls just couldn't keep themselves from showing up......12 hours after the fact.

We had an outdoor, summer margarita party the other night which was a ton of fun {at least for me} where we had a nice group of friends, jumpy for the kids, whiffle ball, eating, drinking, etc.  All went well, nothing broken, all bodies accounted for....a good party.

I look out the front window at 8 a.m. the next morning to survey and plan the clean-up duties and find some late party crashers, 15 of them in fact.  Happy as can be, looking for some nibbles and coming a little to close to the  jumpy house that was still out on the lawn.

The kids were still asleep, it was just little Chloe and I at the house to take care of these party girls.  The LAST thing I felt like doing was rounding them up and figuring out where they got through. Chloe thinks she's a 'cow dog' anyhow, I may as well just let her out and see if she could be of any help.  Why not?

You know, she did an amazing job!  She got right up in their faces, all barking and acting tough.  She turned them right around and back down the hill, over the fence where they had jumped in the first place.

I think Chloe has earned her stripes as a legitimate 'Cow Dog', all 10 pounds of her Maltese/Shi Tzu fluffiness.

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Michelle said...

How cute! And, a little funny!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it - short girls have it goin' on! Cindy Rogers

Anonymous said...

I think yourband needs to spend a little time checking fences. to often cows get out. I bet if your ranch was on a busy road they would not be getting out.