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July 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday with Linky: Coastal Natural Air Conditioning

I'm loving Thankful Thursdays.  I'm finding it to be so much fun and easy to come up with things to be thankful for on a weekly basis, no matter how big or small. 

Just recently, as temperatures on the farm reached into the 90's, and a welcomed email from some good friends to join them at their farm beach house was immediately accepted.

Just a short 25 minute drive and we went from temps in the 90's to a pleasant 74 degrees.  It was a girl's trip this time, just Paige and I, Bryce, the 'farm boy' wanted to stay back on the ranch and work with his Daddy and practice target shooting with his BB gun.  I guess I couldn't blame him for his decision.....sandy beach or BB gun....what boy would choose the beach over that?!

So it was Paige and I who enjoyed some of our natural air conditioning and we were thankful to have it on this day.  But we weren't the only ones.  Out in Pt. Reyes, there are a few dairies left and we witnessed some authentically, happy cows. 

There's is no reason these dairy cows shouldn't be happy, what with the ocean as their view, the fog bank just off the coast and temperatures that very rarely, if ever, reaching into 80's. 

Just 5 minutes from our destination, I stopped, jumped out of the car and to our left snapped the photo below.  The vibrant blue of the Pacific Ocean, dairy barns in the center, and if you'll look closely you'll see some dairy cows grazing in the fore front near the pond.

On the right side, Tomales Bay and our destination comes into view.

Playing on a beach in Tomales Bay is just short of heaven in my opinion.  We watched the tide come in, there are no waves to contend with and plenty of sea life to explore and capture.

Paige was very careful to capture a small jelly fish without touching it and then eventually releasing it back to the bay.

My animal lover was loving her day at Tomales Bay, as was I.

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