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July 28, 2011

Parent Lesson #506

My kids, age four and six, 22 months apart, are not twins but sometimes I think I can imagine what it feels like to have twins.  They do most everything together, from playing Legos, riding bikes, helping me bake or cook, watering the garden, you name it. 

My youngest, Paige is a total animal lover and handler.  Bryce, the six year old, loves animals as well but doesn't get as up close and personal with them as his sister does. 

Until just recently. 

On a recent day trip to the beach for Paige and I, Bryce decided he wanted to stay home with Daddy and work.  At the time, I pleaded with him to come to the beach with us explaining to him what a great time we'll have searching for jellyfish and reminding him we only visit the beach five or six times a year.  But I am so glad he didn't take the bait. 

For this day, the day he decided to stay home and work with Daddy, was a pivotal day.....for Bryce and for me.  A day where Daddy gave Bryce the responsibility and honor to own his very own calf.  One that he could name and care for every day.  Bucket, the name given to this calf by Bryce, would be the first calf  to begin Bryce's own herd here on the farm.

Bryce has been to the calf barn many times, but this time was different.  Maybe it was because Paige wasn't there with him, receiving half the attention, or maybe it's because he's almost seven?  I don't know.  But I'm sure the way Dominic made his son feel special and more grown up on this day had a lot to do with it.

This was a pivotal day for me because I was reminded that giving my children their own {and different} responsibilities is very important.  Responsibilities that help to individualize them from each other......even when they spend most of their time together.....parent lesson #506! 

Bryce was SO proud when Paige and I returned home from the beach that day, he couldn't stop talking about his new calf and how she loved to lick him and want attention from him.   He couldn't wait to introduce us to Bucket.

The competition is fierce between Bryce and Paige and she of course wanted her very own calf, but thankfully was content just naming a few of the other calves. 

Okay parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, what do you do to combat the constant competition between siblings?

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