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July 14, 2011

Pizza Picnic

Some days when the work day is over, it's not really over.  Sometimes after the calves are fed their dinner, this is the last thing to do during Dominic's work day, there are extra things to accomplish in which there is not enough time to do during the work day.

When days like this occur, we try to make it a family event.  The other night, the kids, myself and Chloe packed up a pizza picnic, some raspberry lemonade and headed over to the portion of the property that sits behind Stafford Lake, where Dominic was already there and bulldozing some dirt.

It was one of those rare northern California evenings where the temperature was still at 80 degrees at 7 p.m.
Perfect picnic dinner weather.
No jackets required for a romp in the grass.  And thankfully Chloe's buzz cut was still in stickers pulling session for her.

After a quick dinner break, it was back on the extremely loud and ancient bulldozer for Dominic.   
Where do you like to picnic??

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