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July 24, 2011

LoverBoy & My friend Mary

My birthday yesterday, was just like any other day, just the way I like it.  I did make a solo trip to the grocery store, which I totally enjoy sans kids.  On the drive back home I began thinking about all the Facebook birthday wishes I received from friends, which led me to think about all the different friends I've had come into my life up until now. 

Do you believe in signs?
While on the drive home, I also thought of a high school friend who lost her battle to cancer this year, and who would have been celebrating her birthday just two weeks from now.  Just as I'm rounding the corner to home, while I'm thinking of my friend, Mary, on the radio a song by Loverboy, 'Working For the Weekend' came on.  I immediately got chills up and down my arms.....this was practically mine and Mary's 'theme song' all through high school and I hadn't heard it in years.  We LOVED Loverboy.  We even wore the same crazy headbands their lead singer wore.

I know I'm getting all mushy and all, bear with me on this one:)

I believe in signs.  And I believe that song popping up on the radio at that exact moment, was Mary, herself, letting me know she was there with me.  The song finished just as I pulled into my garage.

So, this one's for you, friend.

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