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February 1, 2013

Creamsicle Cocktail

Have you ever tasted something in your adult life that transports you right back to a childhood memory?
Cream soda has that affect on me.

I LOVED cream soda as a kid.  My Mom didn't buy it very often but when she did, it felt special.  I still remember what the blue-green Shasta cream soda cans looked like back then and the feeling of carefree happiness I had as a child on summer break.  Our family didn't take summer vacations, or any vacations, ever, but the memories I have from childhood summers are precious.

A typical day would be spent roller skating in one of our chicken house barns/playhouse and at lunch time, I would make myself and my little sister submarine sandies on a hot dog buns, package up some cheese Doritos...they had those back then, really, and a can of Shasta cream soda and picnic out on the front lawn in the warm summer sun.

Life seemed much simpler back then.

Fast forward to adulthood.  I don't drink cream soda, or any soda anymore, unless it has something to do with a cocktail.  A while back I bought a bottle of  'Whipped Cream' flavored vodka and thought and thought...."what can I concoct with this stuff?"  Hmmmm.

I always have diet Ginger Ale on hand at my house...for cocktails.  One day I mixed the two and OH MY!  I have an adult version of cream soda!  Oh YES!  And with very little calories.  I have now found my summer time cocktail.....that may extend beyond summer time.

If you like the taste of cream will LOVE this cocktail.  Only two ingredients plus crushed ice.  Cheers!

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