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February 14, 2013

V-Day Box Lunch Goes Live

Every Valentine's Day at the kid's school they get to participate in Box Lunch.  This is where each student and teacher makes lunch for another teacher or student and it's packed in to a decorated box or bag....much like a present.  Weeks before, orders are carefully taken at school and brought home to prepare for this much anticipated event that goes live today.  

Paige drew the name of one of her teachers, Mrs. W. and was super excited to decorate her box.  

This morning, I brought out the three types of bread required to hopefully please the recipients......{Bryce requested I make him his regular salami sandwich JUST in case his box lunch contained a sandwich with "dreaded white bread"}.......little man only eats Safeway 100% Whole Wheat bread and NOTHING else.

Adult sandwiches are so much more fun to make.  You can stack 'em high with all sorts of goodies.  Kid's sandwiches, a bit different.....chedder cheese on buttered white bread with sliced tomatoes on the side for non-soggy sandwich bread.

Pack it all in a pretty box.

Or decorated bag and hope the recipients enjoy the contents.

We took a little bit of a different route for Valentine's Day treat bags this year.  Milk and cookies with a crazy straw and cute card.  Milk, such as the container in the pic, doesn't need to be refrigerated because it goes through Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization....perfect for a Valentine's Day gift bag.

What's your favorite Valentine's Day treat??  Mine is a Chocolate Martini or chocolate covered bacon.

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