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February 19, 2013

Redneck Lemon Drops

I've tried a number of times to grow my own lemon tree here at the ranch but the end result has always came in the form of a shriveled up twig.  Too much wind, not enough protection, I believe to be the problem......for it certainly couldn't be my gardening skills...

Luckily, just last week a friend of mine who has a VERY productive lemon tree, was kind enough to share the wealth with her friends at the gym.  She brought in a brown paper bag half filled with these little gems. 

Once home, searching for a place to hide the lemon stash from my eight year old, Bryce, was next on the agenda.  He adores lemonade, making it, tasting it and most importantly, trying to sell it.

I decided to leave them bagged in my car, ready to go on our snow trip to Truckee, where they'd become very useful.

Lemon Drops are one of my favorite cocktails.  I normally order one at a restaurant when out for dinner and drinks but had never made one from scratch until this past weekend.  The cabin we were staying at wasn't equipped with cocktail/bar equipment but I made due with a pasta colander, a pot, my hands {squeezing lemons was about the only exercise I accomplished over the weekend},

and a sippy cup martini shaker......felt as though I was in an episode of Honey BooBoo for a second or two......

After a few tweaks to the Lemon Drop recipe, I found that the proportions of 1/2 lemon juice, 1/2 Citron Vodka and 2 tablespoons of sugar per glass seemed to work.  Increase or decrease the sugar per glass depending on how tart you enjoy your Lemon Drop.

Toss the pits.

Sit back and enjoy the view.

Which at one point during the weekend, was this huge coyote hiking through the trees just outside the cabin. They grow everything bigger up in Truckee.

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