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September 16, 2010

Top Ten Food Trends of the Decade

I love lists, don't you?  I like coming up with them and I like reading other people's.  Another thing I absolutely love is FOOD. 

I love eating it.
I love smelling it.
I love cooking it.
I love photographing it.
I love growing it. {when I can get my garden to produce}

Here is the Food Channel's top ten food trends of the decade {2000 through 2009}.

My Whole Foods lunch~Cucumber and Avocado Roll

* Sushi
* Bacon
* Cupcakes
* Sliders
* Gourmet burgers made with Kobe or Angus beef
* Superfruits such as acai, pomegranate and blueberry
* Oils, such as olive oils and truffle oils
* Whole grains, such as Kashi, polenta, risotto
* Artisan foods, particularly in breads, cheeses and dark chocolates
* Coffees, teas

I must say, a few of my favorites are on this list, is your favorite?
I wonder what the current decade will trend?

Last night at 10:15 p.m. before I went to bed, I ate a little bitty scoop of Nutella.....oh so good!  That's my pick for this decade's top 10 trend list.  What do you think?  It does go nicely with an ice cold glass of milk:)

Here's a great recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes.
Here's a recipe you can modify with Nutella ....Grilled Dark Chocolate Sandwich.

Nutella photos on this page are from Google image {but I wish I had taken the squirrel one}

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Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I pretty much fell for all of these trends- That's my Whole Foods Lunch too!
I love the Sushi with the brown rice.

And who doesn't like Nutella- My fav way to eat it is with a banana and a spoon!

Denise said...

I agree with Nutella!
I discovered it while I was in Europe earlier this year.
My daughter and I finished our jar just a few minutes before I got on your site! Great (hungry!) minds think alike!
Other nomination:
Comfort foods (probably meatloaf). I think with a down economy, people will go that direction.

Pat Tillett said...

Sushi is not a trend!
It's a way of life...

Maddox Muay Thai said...

Oh dear friend. I ALWAYS have Nutella in my house. It can satisfy even the most intense chocolate cravings. And the list is great...I could pretty much live quite happily with just the foods mentioned on the list!

Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

I think FOOD is a trend not going away and what I mean by that is over the last decade there has been a huge change in how we view our food, care about where it is coming from and think much more about the details of food. Now this is for all of us who have plenty of food. There are still billions who are hungry and not thinking of trends. But I think the food movement and trends are not going away.
I'm a huge sushi fan...but living in the middle of north america I have to be picky about getting really good fresh sushi. Nutella is a staple food everyone should have. YUM.

The Wife said...

Oh, do I love food! And hello, bacon should be on all top 10 food lists! I've picked Nutella up at the store, wished to take it home but just never put it in the cart. I will really have to get it now.

And I am so gonna try those Red Velvet cupcakes.