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September 20, 2010

Family Reunion Food and Festivities

Over the weekend, a Laureano family reunion took place at Stafford Lake.  It had been four years since our last one, which also took place at Stafford Lake.  But what inspired the planning for this one, was the visit of my aunt and cousins from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  It had been well over 20 years since I had seen them last.
Dad, Tracy, Maria, Mom, Aunt Rosaria-from Rio, Delfim Jr.-from Rio

The weather forecast called for showers all morning long, but instead we only got overcast skies....we lucked out.
Cousins, Fatima and Delfim-from Rio, Dad

My Dad {and all of us} really enjoyed visiting with our relatives.  Delfim's Dad, Tio Manuel, was my Dad's brother and passed away many years ago.  
I found out Delfim and his daughters are all on Facebook and one of his daughters has a blog!  Can't wait to check it out!   
Delfim and Dad

Cousins; David, Fatima, Doloras

Our family is Portuguese and food is REALLY an important part of any gathering for us.....quality and quantity.  We barbecued an easy lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs.

My cousin, Maria made a homemade pot of beans that were delicious.

My cousin, Mattie, baked my favorite Red Velvet cupcakes with this amazing peppermint frosting!  SO good!  And they were gracious enough to give me a plate of leftovers to take home.  {I had one for breakfast this morning}

She also made lemon cupcakes that were SO moist and delicious.

Pure Heaven.

Remember when my cousin Victor and I made Bolashas De Espece?

Well, these are what they are supposed to look like.  These were made by my cousin Maria who is Victor's sister.  Oh, and for those inquiring minds, Bolashas De Espece means 'cookies of spice'.

Pot O' Spicy Fava Beans.

This little goodie of banana and sugar, traveled all the way from Brazil to be eaten by me.

As with any Portuguese gathering, there must be a jug of homemade wine present.  Manual made this one and by the time I got around to snapping a photo {2 hours later} it was just about gone.

My Tia Rosaria, from Brazil sampling some food.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Delfim Jr. and he is a charmer!  So sweet.

Dad, Tia Rosaria, me

Dad, cousins George and Victor {Angelica from Brazil in background with sunglasses}

Maria, Gloria, George, me and Victor

More cousins from Arizona, Gustine, southern CA and Watsonville.

Hopefully we won't wait another four years for our next family get together. 

It's definitely the year for family reunions beacause in a few weeks we have a Grossi family reunion planned....stay tuned!

Happy Monday!
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Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Oh I want a lemon cupcake SO badly.

Family reunions are fun- great photos-

Anonymous said...

Your family reunion looked like fun and you have a very handsome family. I would have enjoyed growing up on a farm.
Can you tell me if there is or was a contest or game or experiment done by any of the Dairy Farmers whereby a person is challenged to make changes to their life through choices, and patriotism? The media is involved and it is said to be somewhat secretive and yet family-oriented. It might involve family history and reunions. I am in desperate need for answers to a dilemma and someone told me the Dairy Farmers might be the ones to ask. Please write me or even call me at 203 583 1783. Thank you. Ann

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Ummm, Ann, No idea what you're talking about....