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September 2, 2010

'R' as in Roast?! What?! How Things Have Changed in Education

With this being the first week back to school for Bryce, it got me to thinking about how education has changed in the last 50 or 60 years.  For instance, Bryce absolutely LOVED this kid book, originally copyrighted in 1950, that use to belong to Dominic when he was a kid.  It's titled "The Best Story Book Ever" and just yesterday, Paige brings it over to me after digging it out from the pile of about 100 kid books we have stacked on a shelf.  It must be the age of four or something, because she has been obsessed with it ever since finding it, just like Bryce was at the same age.

Thumbing through the book with her, we came across this page showing us food items that Hilda ate.  As you can see it lists the ABC's and a corresponding food for each letter.  When we got to the letter 'R', roast is shown.  How many kids these days would actually recognize that this is a roast?  Paige didn't, {but she does eat roast}.

Then I started examining the other pictures.  What in the world is above the letter 'K'?  Looks like candy but beginning with the letter 'K', I don't know?  The letter 'V' ??  Maybe vitamins?  And I guess they couldn't think of  food beginning with q, u, x {understandable}, y and z.  Did they have yogurt back then? 

Anyway, I just love these old books.  I find them so interesting.  And a bit comical.  I thought it would be fun to create a little poll.  What favorite food would you list over the letter 'R'?  See poll below.

OH, I almost forgot!  The BEST part {actually, maybe the worst part} of this book is the cover.  How many kid books have a lion, or anyone for that matter, smoking a 'smoke pipe?!  Yikes!

Okay, just for fun:

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