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September 26, 2010

A Weekend of Purses, Organization, Haircuts & a Bath

Now this is the way to begin a weekend......a purse party!  I haven't been to a purse party in at least three years, I was due to go again.  If you don't already know, at a purse party you must be there at the exact time the party begins because if you're late, all the most popular purses will be snatched up when you arrive.  It's a purse buying frenzy, let me tell you!  I did arrive a little late, but I still found one I really love.

I was looking for one that was deep enough to carry all my things plus my big camera without it falling out the top.  I liked this one because of it's depth, the color can go with black or brown and anything in between....perfect!

There was also a ton of food to sample at the party.  After a pot sticker, I went right for Leslie's cupcakes.

While eating my cupcake, I enjoyed the beautiful moon rise from Helen's back deck.  What a view she has!

Organization.  Remember my Ikea trip a few days ago?  Here are some of the magazine holders I bought.  The kids and I organized  the few piles of magazines I had laying about.  This is SO much better than storing them in various stacks!

If you haven't looked through a Food Network magazine, you MUST!  This is one of my very favorite foodie magazines.  I keep them ALL.  They have great recipes from all the Food Network stars that are really easy to prepare. 

Just so you know, I'll be featuring some of the recipes from the magazine, here on the blog....stay tuned.

Haircuts on the deck for both, Paige and Bryce {I think most of you know I was a hairdresser before kids}.  Paige LOVES getting her hair done.  She's such a girlie girl.

Bryce, on the other hand....not so much.

He's only happy when the job is complete.

And poor, poor Chloe just dreads bath day. 

Look how sad she looks!

She is just NOT happy with me AT all.  She refuses to even look at me.

She's also only happy when the job is complete.

Especially when she can hang out at my feet, in the office.

Or under the desk.
A busy, productive weekend for us.  What did you do??

Happy Sunday!

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