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September 3, 2010

Another Kid Friendly Restaurant ~ Pinky's Pizza Parlor

Pizza night is always a fun night for our family.  Pinky's Pizza Parlor in Petaluma is the pizza parlor of choice for us.  It's been around for 47 years....a Petaluma staple you might say.  It has a little something for everyone; it's a sports bar- type with TV's along the walls broadcasting the current baseball, football or basketball game, there's an arcade for the kids {this is big draw for my kids}, they serve beer and wine and the atmosphere is one of an old time pizza parlor. 

We found a spot at one of the picnic tables that run down the center of the room and waited for our pizza to be ready.

Three against one {me}, I like a vegetarian pizza, only because it helps me feel like I'm being somewhat healthy when eating pizza, but I lost out on this round.  Pepperoni and sausage as toppings won out. 

The crust on a Pinky's pizza is not thin,  it's crunchy and thick {but not too thick like a deep dish would be}.  I prefer the crunchier crust.  It all comes down to personal're either going to love the crunchy crust or not going to like it at all.  I find the crunchy crust makes it easier for the kids to handle a piece on their own without it flopping over and losing half the toppings.

Nothing like a good pizza and a beer on a Friday night.

Pinky's is a very popular place for 'after the game' pizza; little league, soccer, softball and such.  The place is usually packed on any given weeknight during the season.

You can't miss Pinky's as you're driving down Petaluma Blvd....'manican woman' sits atop the building, usually dressed according to the season, waving as you pass by.  Bye Bye!

Happy Friday!  Cheers!
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