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September 19, 2010

Grocery Taste Test done by Cooking Light

As you know, I love lists and I found this one, done by the editors of Cooking Light and of course it has to do with with labels you would find on the grocery store shelf.  The judges blindly taste tested almost 200 food finalists to arrive at these results.  We all have our own favorites when going grocery shopping and I thought it was really interesting to read their picks and wanted to share with you:)  Here are their picks for the BEST products on the grocery store aisles nationwide.

Oh, and according to Cooking Light:
"To qualify, foods had to be available in major markets nationwide. We vetted products against nutrition standards, eliminating those that contained artificial trans fats, too much salt, or artificial sugars."

Photo by  Manfred Koh, Cooking Light

Okay, GPW stands for:  Grand Prize Winner
and TTA stands for:  Taste Tester Award

The 2010 Taste Test Award Grocery Winners:

BEANS, Cannellini:
GPW: Progresso
TTA: Goya

BUTTER, Salted Gourmet:
GPW: Organic Valley
TTA: Lurpak
TTA: Chimay

BREAD, 100% Whole Wheat:
GPW: Rudi's Organic Bakery
TTA: Whole Foods Organic

BUTTER, Unsalted Everyday:
GPW: Target Market Pantry
TTA: Borden  {Yay! All the milk used for Borden products is made with DFA Milk, which our dairy is a member of}
TTA: Whole Foods 365 Organic
TTA: Wal-Mart Great Value

CEREAL, Raisin Bran:
GPW: Kellogg's Raisin Bran
TTA: Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters

GRANOLA, Oat and Honey:
GPW: Cascadian Farms Organic
TTA: Whole Foods 365 Organic
TTA: Quaker Natural

GPW: Tribe Classic
TTA: Athenos Original

ICE CREAM, Light Vanilla:
GPW: Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean
TTA: Edy's Slow-Churned

GPW: Hellmann's
TTA: Whole Foods 365

PIZZA, Frozen Margherita:
GPW: Tandoor Chef Naan Pizza
TTA: Amy's Kitchen

POPCORN, Light Microwave:
GPW: Newman's Own 94% Fat Free
TTA: Smart Balance Light Butter
TTA: Act II 94% Fat Free Butter

RICE, Long-Grain Brown:
GPW: Lundberg Family Farms
TTA: Arrowhead Mills Organic

RICE, Boil-in-Bag Brown:
GPW: Uncle Ben's
TTA: Success

SALSA, Mild Tomato:
GPW: Green Mountain Gringo
TTA: Frontera
TTA: Organicville

SAUSAGE, Chicken and Apple:
GPW: Lou's Famous
TTA: Al Fresco Sweet Apple

SPAGHETTI, Whole Wheat:
GPW: Gia Russa
TTA: Racconto
TTA: Target Archer Farms

SOUP, Reduced-Sodium Chicken Noodle:
GPW: Progresso
TTA: Campbell's Select Harvest

GPW: Daisy
TTA: Organic Valley
TTA: Target Market Pantry

SOY MILK, Plain, Light:
GPW: Target Archer Farms
TTA: Silk

SOY SAUCE, Lower-Sodium:
GPW: Kikkoman
TTA: Target Market Pantry

TOFU, Firm:
GPW: Melissa's Organic
TTA: Nasoya Organic
TTA: Tree of Life

TOMATOES, Diced, No-Salt-Added:
GPW: Del Monte
TTA: Whole Foods 365 Organic

TORTILLA CHIPS, 100% Yellow Corn:
GPW: Target Archer Farms Organic
TTA: Tostitos Natural

TUNA, Albacore Packed in Water:
GPW: Whole Foods 365
TTA: Crown Prince Natural

TUNA, Gourmet, Packed in Oil:
GPW: Ortiz Bonito del Norte
TTA: Cento

YOGURT, Plain, Nonfat Greek:
GPW: Fage
TTA: Chobani
TTA: Voskos Organic

Happy Shopping and Happy Sunday!
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